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Posted August 21, 2014

The Beverly Hills Education Association would like to
publicly thank the members of the Board of Education for
ratifying the tentative agreements with the certificated and
classified employees in our school district. We feel that this
agreement not only demonstrates a commitment to the public
educators in the community, it is a symbol of the positive and
collaborative relationship between BHEA and the Board of

The ratified agreement is a fiscally responsible settlement. The
district provided financial documentation to the Los Angeles
County Office of Education verifying that the agreement will
allow the district to maintain a positive and healthy budget
going forward. In addition, the district is currently carrying a
healthy $10 million reserve fund that collects interest.
Furthermore, through this agreement, revenue is shared in
such a way that there will be ample funds for district
programs while allowing the district to maintain fiscal
discipline and solvency both in the present and in the future.

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BHEA Committee Chairs Approved
On August 20, the Representative Council approved the
following people for committee chair positions:

David Siskin - Bylaws
Christopher Bushee - Grievance, Political Action Committee
Debra Joseph - Professional Development
Julie Goler - Social

TBD - Elections, Human Rights, and Organizing

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A Product of Partnership
Not only is our recently ratified agreement verified to be fiscally responsible, it is a substantive symbol of the positive and
collaborative relationship between the
BHUSD Board of Education and BHEA

Finally, the condition in the agreement that increases in
teacher salaries will continue until the highest point of the
salary schedule is equal to or higher than all other districts in
Los Angeles County is similar to the agreements that the city
of Beverly Hills has made with its police and fire department
employees. The agreement indicates that the community
values the high quality work of all of its public employees
and recognizes our service with competitive salaries.

BHUSD teachers and staff enthusiastically strive to improve
best practices and provide a high quality education to
thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students
every year. We are buoyed by the commitment and trust the
Board of Education has made to attract and retain the highest
quality employees for generations to come.

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BHEA Meeting Dates Scheduled for 2014-15
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BHEA Special Election Next Wednesday
A special election will take place next Wednesday to fill
several vacancies on the Executive Board and Representative
Council. The vacant positions are K-12 Director, HS Director,
Hawthorne Site Representative, Horace Mann Site
Representative, and HS IA Site Representative. More specific
information about the election will be sent via email on