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During the April 29th certificated bargaining session, the district bargaining team stated that they could not sign the agreements
reached in the areas of class size and permits. Agreements had been reached and language had been drafted in both these areas.
The language on class size (specifically in K-3) allowed for a 21st student in a K-3 classroom only if all classes at a given grade level
across the district were at 20.

In addition, the class size agreement established hard caps of 29 for Grades 4 and 5, maintained an average of 29:1 and a maximum
of 145 students in Grades 6-12 and restricted any individual Grade 6-12 class from exceeding 32 students. The agreement on class
size also established language that would require that all students count toward the class size maximum - even students present for
just part of the day.

The agreement on permits guaranteed that children of employees could attend a BHUSD school and their placement would be
guaranteed one week before the start of the school year. This language was included in all three BHEA contracts (Certificated, IA,
and OTBS).

The Board’s representatives admitted we had a tentative agreement on these issues but the Board of Education is now rejecting
those tentative agreements. The district even suggested that perhaps we can table these issues to include them in the compensation
conversation next year.

This is not only
UNACCEPTABLE, we believe this course of action to be ILLEGAL.

Under the Board's current interpretation of the contract, K-3 class sizes can be at an average of 29:1. NOT a maximum of 29 students
per class. An average. This means that a third grade teacher can have 35 students in his or her classroom as long as someone else in
the district has 23.

It also means that the Board, through a simple vote in changing Board Policy, can remove all children of employees from the
district. We have seen just how quickly and easily they revised the policy on class size in the Board Policy. They can just as easily
and quickly do so with permits.

We believe that the reason the District and the Board of Education is doing this and suggesting we talk about these issues next year
AFTER already coming to agreements on these issues is because they realize that the only way to eliminate the salary formula next
year is to offer us something BHEA would want in return. After agreeing to language on class size, permits, and substitutes, the
District and the Board likely believed that they gave too much to BHEA even though the agreement is good for children and for all
BHEA members.

In addition to all this, we have tentatively agreed to a significant increase in salary and were working on other working conditions
for our substitute teacher members that cannot be implemented until ratified.

In short, the Board and the District are holding our STUDENTS, our CHILDREN, and our SUBSTITUTES TEACHERS hostage in
order to take back the salary formula.

The community, district administrators, and the Board of Education need to know exactly how we feel about class size, permits,
and substitute teachers being threatened in this manner.

The email addresses for the BHUSD Board of Education members are below:

Howard Goldstein, President

Mel Spitz, Vice-President

Noah Margo

Lisa Korbatov

Isabel Hacker

In the next few days, your Executive Board, Rep Council, and Bargaining Team will be contacting you individually to go over the
steps we need to make this happen.

More so than ever before, we HAVE to ALL work together to make this happen. It cannot just be the bargaining team or just the
Rep Council. It cannot be 50 of us or even 100 of us.

It has to be all of us or the district and the Board will feel they can agree with us at the table and then reverse course with impunity.

Whether or not you teach K-3 or have a child in the district, we implore you to join in this fight.

The district is backing out of an agreement. If they get away with it now, what does this hold for the future at the bargaining table
and with issues that WILL directly affect ALL OF US?

We have proven that if we all work together and make our voices heard, the community and the Board will hear us and correct
their actions. This is one of those times we have to do this. Thank you and please look for our next update very soon.


Telly Tse, BHEA President
Gregg Riesenberg, Bargaining Chair
Chris Bushee, Bargaining Team Member
Rebecca Hickok, Bargaining Team Member
Jeff Harris, Bargaining Team Member
Alana Castanon, Bargaining Team Member
Broken Promises
District & Board Renege on Agreements;
Class Size and Permits in Jeopardy