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Jerry Brown for Governor

The California Teachers Association (CTA) endorses Governor
Jerry Brown for reelection because of his commitment to
California’s public schools and colleges and for guiding the
state through tumultuous times. As governor, Brown has
made students a priority by supporting the Local Control
Funding Formula (LCFF) that ensures low-income and
minority students have the same opportunity for a quality
education. By supporting Proposition 30 in 2012, public
schools have been spared billions of dollars in further cuts
and have started to improve. Governor Brown deserves
another term to continue making positive changes that will
help our state thrive and grow economically.

Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent

As a teacher, parent, and proven leader, Tom Torlakson shares
our core values as educators. It is important to reelect
Torlakson as State Superintendent because he supports
smaller class sizes and assistance, not sanctions, for lower-
performing schools. Since being elected in 2010, public
schools have seen the highest class graduation rates of all
time, the passage of the Quality Education Investment Act that
has had significant impact on lower-performing schools, and
more funding for all students with the Local Control Funding
Formula. Torlakson believes in learning over testing as
indicated by his support of Assembly Bill 484 that suspended
the use of the outdated STAR test while the Common Core
State Standards are being implemented. Your vote will allow
him to finish the job he has the experience to do.

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Election Guide 2014
CTA Recommends Jerry Brown for Governor, Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent, NO on 46, YES on 47
NO on Proposition 46

CTA recommends NO on Proposition 46 because this ballot
measure will make it easier and more profitable for lawyers to
sue doctors, clinics, and hospitals. Unless defeated, the
measure will be costly for consumers and taxpayers, and
would reduce access to care for patients.

YES on Proposition 47

CTA recommends YES on Proposition 47 because this ballot
measure seeks to replace prison and justice system waste with
common sense solutions that create safe neighborhoods and
save public dollars. By passing this measure, individuals
charged with felonies for petty crimes will instead face
misdemeanor charges which will reduce prison overcrowding
and free up justice resources to focus on serious and violent

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