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Posted August 29, 2014

On Wednesday this week, association members throughout
the district voted to elect several colleagues to leadership
positions within BHEA. HS counselor and site representative
Kate Marks was elected to the K-12 Director Position. HS
history teacher Dan Moroaica is the new HS Director. Through
a vigorous write-in campaign, 8th grade science teacher Lori
Schwartz was elected Hawthorne Site Representative. Music
teacher Ethan Smith was elected Horace Mann Site
Representative. Finally, HS instructional assistant Elisa Ibarra
returns to a post she previously held and is again the HS IA
Site Representative.

The final vacancy on the Representative Council, a HS site rep
position open due to Kate Marks's ascension to the K-12
Director position, will be filled by appointment at the
September 11th Rep Council meeting. With this appointment,
there will be no vacancies in the BHEA leadership team for the
first time in recent history.

Congratulations to the newest members of our team!

    A New BHEA
    Welcome to! This website contains all the
    information you will need to understand your rights and
    benefits as a BHEA member. Thank you for visiting and let us
    know if you have any questions or concerns.

    In the coming weeks, look for us to add information regarding
    professional development, a section just for parents, and a
    FAQ page to address membership questions.
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BHEA Committee Chairs Approved
On August 20, the Representative Council approved the
following people for committee chair positions:

David Siskin - Bylaws
Christopher Bushee - Grievance, Political Action Committee
Debra Joseph - Professional Development
Julie Goler - Social
TBD - Elections, Human Rights, and Organizing

If you are interested in serving on or learning more about any
BHEA committee, please contact us at
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Leadership Team Fully Staffed
With the special election completed this week, BHEA is poised to have no vacant positions on Executive Board and
Representative Council for the first time in years
Special Election Results

K-12 Director
Kate Marks – 82 (100%)
[BV – 14, ER – 5, Haw – 28, HM – 19, HS – 16]

HS Director
Dan Moroaica – 16 (100%)

Hawthorne Site Representative
Lori Schwartz (Write-In Candidate) – 30 (100%)

Horace Mann Site Representative
Ethan Smith – 22 (100%)

BHHS IA Site Representative
Elisa Ibarra – 5 (83%)
Joel Vine (Write-In Candidate) – 1 (17%)

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BHEA Meeting Dates Scheduled for 2014-15
Click here to view or download the meeting schedule for the
school year.

Certificated Bargaining Survey due Tuesday, September 2
Members, please turn in your bargaining surveys to your
school site representative or a bargaining team member by
Tuesday, September 2. This survey is your first and best
opportunity to convey your concerns and priorities to the
team. Negotiations begin Wednesday, September 10. Make
yourselves heard!